Host Testimonial

An invaluable tool in your advertising budget.

"Advertisers are naturally attracted to being associated with well-liked hosts. “When the host is personally reading the ad and telling a story about the product in her own words, it lands with the audience in a different and more authentic way than a traditional ad spot,” said Mark DiCristina, marketing director at MailChimp, an email marketing company that is one of the most prolific podcast advertisers." ~ NY Times 2017


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Ad Insertion

Crucial in maximizing reach and frequency of your message.

Show-specific URL’s and offer codes in ad copy are used to direct listeners to take specific actions (such as learn the details of a podcast-only offer). Your promotion makes use of these urls to help you measure ad response. As most listeners access content within 48 hour of download, your message is delivered through timely and relevant positioning. Repetition and frequency in syndicated programming through dynamic ad insertion increases brand awareness, affinity, and brand favorability.


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Sponsor Opportunities

When what you have to share doesn't fit into 30 second intervals.

This is the chance to make a real connection with our listeners. You have the option to naming rights, exclusive commercial exposure, serial education based marketing with weekly to quarterly content, you'll also get the licensed content files to use in your business or create a product from.

This is the positioning you want if you want to make a difference. You'll be able to provide content in a subtle marketing context that builds trust and loyalty with our listener base.

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Since 1993

Why podcast advertising?

  • "Podcast ads gave us more room to tell our story in a more compelling way… Our data indicates that they are profitable"
  • When you order an ad spot, you get to work directly with the show's host. Simply send them information about your business and they'll deliver an audio ad that promotes your product or service in a tone that keeps their listeners engaged and expresses their loyalty to your brand.
  • Ads are typically published within 7-10 days and publishing information will be provided upon completion. This information includes: name and a link to the episode audio file, the date the episode went live, the start time your ad appears, and more.
  • Formats include recorded pre-roll, mid-roll and live read audio ads, branded content and syndication, display ads, and category, show, and event sponsorships.


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