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Our Approach

Our Mission

Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network
Sharing what it takes to Live-Joy-Fully,
Information, Education and Inspiration.
These are life's lessons.

Our desire is to share your vision and voice with our loyal listeners.

Our Story

Our Story

Launched in August of 2014, LiJL Network is the brainchild and passion project of entrepreneur and philanthropist, Kimberly Rinaldi. Kimberly believes and teaches that there is a lesson in everything; the good, the bad and the indifferent. Life is all about the lessons. And sharing those lessons is what LiJL Network is all about.

With over 72 million served (that's podcast downloads) we believe we can make a difference in your advertising reach.

Meet the Team

The difference between success and failure is a great team.

Kimber Temp

Kimberly Rinaldi

Founder & Fearless Leader

Underestimates the intelligence of her Basenji. Believes in her team's ability to make magic. Kimberly has the vision and drive that keep her team, partners and staff on their toes. Each. And. Every. Day.

Jen Temp

Jen Stowe


Brings glitter to all projects. Jen spent the first half of her career in fortune 50 companies, leading, learning and launching. She brings her dynamic charm and ability to make us and our clients look good to the table.


Nancy Clackler

Number Cruncher

Has a thing for cheese and the letter 11. With over 30 years experience in finance and accounting, Nancy can count to 3 faster than any of us. And often does. One... two... I mean it... two and a half...

A Few of Our Hosts and Support Staff
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