WHO is listening to LiJL Network?

  • 85% Female
  • 87%  35-65
  • 100% English Speaking
  • 69% College Graduate
  • 65% Full-Time Employed
  • 61% Household Income 75K+
  • 63% Married
  • 81% 3 Person Household
  • 83% Homeowner

WHAT are they listening to LiJL Network on?

  • 91% Connected to the internet
  • 55% LiJL Website
  • 32% iTunes
  • 47% Computer
  • 29% iPad
  • 17% iPhone

HOW many are listening to LiJL Network?

72,521,193 Podcast downloads since our launch in August 2014.

Cumulative podcast downloads by end Q1 2017

What is the "average podcast listener" doing?
AKA What are all the cool kids doing?

  • While Fifty-six percent of podcast listeners are male and 44% are female, podcast listening is on the rise for both genders.
  • They are wealthier, savvier consumers. 2017 statistics indicate that podcast listeners are affluent, well-educated, tech savvy and connected.
    • 31% of podcast listeners have attended grad school or attained an advanced degree, compared with just 20% for the general population.
    • Forty-one percent have incomes of $75K a year or more.
  • Sixty-nine percent of podcast listeners click on a podcast and listen immediately, 73% listening within 48 hours of downloading. Making your ad messaging relevant and timely for podcast listeners.
  • Podcast consumers subscribe to an average of six podcasts per month with an average weekly listening time of 5 hours.
  • Eighty-eight percent listen to most or all episodes, making them a very loyal market.
  • They are mobile, listening on iPhone, Android, iPad and other handheld devices.
    • Forty percent listen while biking, running or walking.
    • 46% listen while traveling.
    • Fifty-two percent listen in the car.
  • In general, listeners are involved online more than the average consumer. They are actively engaged and are very likely to react to what hosts recommend as they've already built trust with their audience.
  • Podcast listeners are a highly targetable audience, hosts can integrate your brand into the content of the show. Segment topics can even revolve around your brand. Your investment in learning among our listeners will have a correlating payoff in purchasing power.
  • Of podcast listeners surveyed, sixty-one percent report buying something they heard about on a podcast ad.