Live Read Testimonials

  • Include personal positive conversation about the host’s first-hand experience with your product or service
  • Are delivered in the tone and manner of each show, usually by the host or producer
  • Maintain the audience-show-host content connection during the ad segments and is one of the reasons podcast ads can be so effective.
  • Typically remain embedded in the episode for as long as the episode is available.
  • Can expand into 2-3 minutes of host conversation on a 30 second spot, as there are fewer time constraints in podcasting.

Recorded Ad Placement

  • Allows you the option to maximize reach, or frequency, or both.
  • Can be cost effective through dynamic ad insertion for the more budget conscious buyer.
  • Allows you to determine the number of impressions you want and the flexibility to increase reach at any time.
  • Typically exceed customer acquisition targets.
  • With LiJL there is relatively low "sell-through" (as the percentage of ads sold is called). Thus keeping our loyal listeners, well, loyal and engaged.

Sponsor Opportunities

  • Include education based marketing through interviews positioned to build your customer base.
  • Provide you with significant on air time - imagine 10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes to share your magic with our world.
  • Include audio licensing of your content for use on your site, to repurpose as a product or...
  • May include naming rights.
  • Can be turned into a weekly, monthly or quarterly spot that you'll turn into a learning library for your customers.
  • Include Live Read Testimonials and Recorded Ad placement.
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Podcast Lesson - 101

LiJL Network is LIVE broadcast to podcast optimized programming.

The official technical definition of a podcast is an audio files posted to a RSS Feed. The RSS Feed consists of an html page listing information about a podcast, and descriptions and links to each episode of the podcast. Podcast publishers register the url of the RSS Feed of their podcast with iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast apps so users can find and listen to the shows they produce, on demand. <- Remember this point, it's important.

Your Podcast Listeners Are Waiting and...

Affluent: 16% have an annual household income of $150K or more, compared to 10% of the general U.S. population.

Educated: 30% have some grad school or an advanced degree, compared to 22% of the general population. Twenty-seven percent have a four-year college degree, compared to 19% of the general population.

Consume media on demand: 76% of podcast consumers subscribe to on-demand services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, reflecting their podcast listening style. For the general population, the number is 58%

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